THE GREEN SCENE is a place to share ideas and inspiration about ethical and sustainable style, and promote a more mindful attitude to how we think about fashion.

Fashion is big business - the industry is estimated to be worth $3 trillion and employs between 60-75 million people, with more than 100 billion garments produced every year. But behind these numbers are some other shocking statistics - it's also the most polluting industry after oil and gas, and is linked to a catalogue of human rights abuses, from forced cotton picking in Uzbekistan to the recent Rana Plaza tragedy in 2013, when a factory collapsed in Bangladesh killing over 1000 people.

This blog is part of a wider #slowfashion movement, which promotes ethical and sustainable values and shows that you can still look stylish doing it! You'll find everything from upcycling tips and DIY guides to brand reviews and comment pieces on developments in the industry, so that as a customer you're empowered to start making more conscious choices. I firmly believe that fashion should continue to excite and inspire, just with a little more respect to the planet and the people who make it.


I'm Beth, sustainable fashion writer and founder of THE GREEN SCENE. I've always been interested and fashion and and design, and so after finishing my studies I moved to London to work at a leading global retailer. From working in the industry it soon became clear to me that drastic change is needed in the way that we produce, shop and consume, and so in 2015 I started this blog to encourage more mindful choices and provide the information and resources to help others do so. Last year I moved to back to Berlin, where I spent some time during my studies, and am enjoying exploring the city and its thriving sustainable fashion industry!

Find more of my work over on the Oxfam Fashion Blog and MOCHNI.com, get the latest updates on Twitter or check out my Instagram @greenscenestyle for more slow fashion inspiration.

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