Sunday, 28 May 2017

Easy DIY One-Shoulder Ruffled Top

We've had some amazing weather in the last couple of weeks, which is really getting me in the holiday mood and excited to try out some of this summer's hottest trends: ruffles and tropical prints! This easy DIY is the perfect project to breathe new life into leftover fabric or a dress you no longer wear, and is proof that you don't always need to buy new to stay up to date - just some creativity, some basic sewing supplies and a spare couple of hours.


Leftover fabric / a dress you no longer wear (choose plain colours or small prints if you're new to sewing)
Needle and thread/sewing machine
Thin elastic
Measuring tape
A hairpin

A second hand dress I bought last summer but never wore

1. Cut two strips of fabric, one for the ruffle and one for the main part of the top. The exact measurements will depend on how much fabric you have to play with, but to keep the proportions right the ruffle piece needs to be about half as wide and about twice as long as the main piece. Check out the pattern and measurements I used below if you're unsure.  

2. Sew together the short ends of each piece of fabric, so that you now have two long tubes. Hem the bottom of each tube to create a neat edge, and then fold over the top (about 2-3cm, see diagram above) to create a channel for your elastic to pass through. Pin in place and then sew down, leaving a small opening for the elastic.

3. Cut two pieces of elastic, one for each tube of fabric. Measure the elastic round your own body, checking it's snug enough not to fall down but loose enough to be comfortable. For the measurements above, I cut a shorter piece for the main top (65cm) and a longer piece (85cm) for the ruffle, because this also needs to fit over your shoulder.

4. Thread the elastic through the channel you just sewed at the top of each fabric tube, using a hairpin to guide it through more easily. Because the fabric will bunch up as you go, remember to pin down the loose end of the elastic so it doesn't slip through! When it's threaded all the way, check you're happy with how it fits before sewing the ends together firmly and then closing off the hole.    

Threading the elastic using a hairpin

5. You should now have two gathered tubes of fabric like in the picture above. To create the one-shoulder effect simply sew the ruffle to the main part on the side that will sit under your arm, leaving you able to pull the ruffle up and down on the other side depending on where you want to wear it.

That's it! You're finished.

Why not also try the same basic technique to create a ruffled dress, a top with straps...get creative!

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