Wednesday, 22 March 2017

5 New Season Trends to DIY Now

The new season has just kicked off and stores are already full to bursting with racks and racks of new clothes. But instead of rushing out to buy yet more items you don't really need, why not try updating what you already have with a few quick DIYs? Check out these five new season trends to try now, without increasing your wardrobe and decreasing your bank balance!


Statement sleeves are the new must-have silhouette, and the good news is that's there are so many different styles to have fun with. For a quick DIY, simply cut down the length of the sleeve and add some thin ribbons at 10cm intervals to reattach the sides, or cut out some panels for an update on the cold shoulder trend. More experienced sewers can experiment with trumpet shapes or using elastic to create a rouched effect.

This season is all about playing with volume, and adding a ruffle or two will give any piece of clothing a style update whether it's on cuffs, shoulders or in an asymmetrical design. Ruffles work on any type of fabric from jersey to cotton, and are the perfect way to use up any excess fabric lying around the house - otherwise remember to choose a piece of clothing that's long enough to cut a strip from, or that has sleeves you can remove and reuse.

Embellishment is still a big trend for SS17, either in the form of embroidery or more retro patches. If you only have five minutes, patches are the easiest option to DIY - simply select a few of your favourites and iron on to your chosen garment. If you have more time and are comfortable with either a sewing machine or needle and thread, try out different types of embroidery, from simple stars to more complicated wording, or get inspired by the amazing designs of Sarah Benning and Madi Astolfi of @unpicking.

Another playful detail that keeps popping up this season on everything from shirts to dresses and knitwear, knots are a great way of making a plain outfit more interesting. For a non-permanent styling trick, try tying a knot in a vintage t-shirt and pairing with some high-waisted jeans, or experiment with an oversized shirt (boyfriends and dads come in very handy here!) by cutting off the sleeves and re-attaching at the waist to create an edgy minimal look.

This trend isn't going away any time soon, and is one of the quickest DIYs to do on jeans you already own, with the added bonus of saving the 2,921 litres of water it takes to make a new pair. Try cutting off the ends and then washing to create a distressed look, experiment with stepped hems, remove and relocate the back pockets, or challenge yourself to the full Vetements look by cutting your jeans off at the knees and then re-attaching.

What other DIYs do you want to try this season?

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