Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Top 3 Must-Reads This Autumn

Summer is officially over, but it's not all doom and gloom - now that the first leaves are starting to turn brown and there's a chill in the air, what perfect way to settle in to the new season than with a cup of hot chocolate/tea/coffee and a good book? Here are my top three must-reads for the coming months - a great way to wind down of an evening and get inspired by the latest in sustainable fashion and conscious living.


#1 - Thrive by Kamea Chayne
I've just finished reading this book, which calls itself "an environmentally conscious lifestyle guide to better health and true wealth", with sections covering everything from food and travel to fashion and beauty. Stay tuned for my full review on in a couple of weeks - my first as a new contributor, with lots of exciting topics planned for the next few months!

#2 - The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees
You might already know Anuschka from her incredibly popular blog INTO-MIND, a guide to creating and maintaining the perfect capsule wardrobe with a focus on eschewing passing trends and cultivating your own style - the underlying principles of slow fashion. I'm really looking forward to reading her first book, which from the preview video looks like the perfect mix of beautiful photography and easy how-to guides. 

#3 - Slowing Down Fast Fashion by Alex James
Not technically a book, but this had to make the list, especially after winning Best Fashion Documentary at the London Fashion Film Festival a couple of weeks ago. GQ called it "essential weekend watching", and the good news is that it's already available to rent for free on Amazon Prime. Could this be the next True Cost?

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