Thursday, 18 August 2016

1 Hour DIY: Culottes

Culottes have been on the fashion map ever since Victoria Beckham wore them to end her Spring/Summer '14 show back in New York in 2013, but it wasn't until this year that the trend really seemed to kick off, reflecting the current mood for relaxed tailoring and easy-going silhouettes. I wasn't keen initially, but inspired by street style and my classic white Vejas, I thought I'd give it a try the ethical fashion way - with an old pair of trousers and a spare 60 minutes! This is a really easy DIY to try at home that works to shorten any kind of trousers, plus you don't even need to use a sewing machine if you're a beginner.

What You Need:
- Wide-legged trousers (raid your wardrobe or shop second hand)
- A measuring tape
- A sewing machine OR needle and thread
- Scissors
- An iron
- Pins
- No-sew ironing tape

Step 1
Try on your trousers and test different lengths by folding up the ends and pinning in place.

Step 2
When you're happy with the new (pinned) trouser length, measure how much you will need to cut off from the bottom of the trousers. My measurement was 10 inches.

Step 3
Unfold the trouser leg, take 1 inch/2.5cm off your original measurement (this will be your seam allowance) and mark this new measurement with pins. Mine is marked at 9 inches because the original measurement was 10 inches.

Step 4
Either use the zig-zag setting on your sewing machine or sew round the raw edge by hand to tie off any loose ends. Fold over your 1 inch/2.5cm seam allowance and iron flat.

Step 5
Open up the hem again and lay the no-sew tape on the edge, so that you are ironing over the paper side (NOT THE GLUE SIDE!) Iron the tape all the way round the bottom of your trouser leg.

Step 6
Carefully peel off the paper layer of the tape - you will be left with a thin glue coating on the trouser fabric. Fold the edge back over and iron again to make it stick.

Step 7
Repeat the process with the other trouser leg and iron everything flat to finish. There you go - a finished pair of on-trend culottes, made from some old trousers!

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