Sunday, 24 July 2016

DIY: Off Shoulder Update

Off shoulder tops have been having a real moment this summer, and for good reason - they can be styled up or down, work well with both skirts and jeans, and of course are one of the easiest things to upcycle yourself from an old shirt. I've been wearing my 1-hour DIY off shoulder top for months, but after being inspired by the beautiful (and ethical) styles from LA-based brand Reformation I decided to upgrade the original and add a couple of design twists. 

What you need:
An oversized shirt (I picked up one in my local Humana for a few euros)
A needle and thread / sewing machine
A measuring tape

Step 1
Read my original tutorial to get the basic pattern for your off shoulder top. However, for this version, leave the sleeves longer so that they end between your elbow and wrist. Remember to also leave a seam allowance for the raw edge.

Step 2
Use the excess fabric to make two rectangular strips and fold in half lengthways. Fold the raw edges inside to cover them and pin to the edge of your sleeves, leaving a ribbon-like tie at each end.

Step 3
Fold over the edge of your new neckline and sew all the way around  to create a channel for the elastic to go through. For an extra twist on the original, only insert elastic at into the front and back  panels and sew at the ends to to fix in place  - this will give a cleaner look to the top of the sleeves. That's it! You're done.

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