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Oxfam Fashion Blog: 5 Reasons You Should Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress

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Wedding season is here again, and if you've been following Oxfam on Twitter recently you might have been inspired by their beautiful series of posts featuring brides in pre-loved Oxfam wedding dresses. So for all the future brides-to-be who haven't found the perfect gown yet, here's five reasons why you should consider a choosing vintage, as well as helping others benefit from your special day.

1. Be part of the story
No matter if it's a piece of jewellery that's been passed down through generations or your mum's old boho top from the 70s, the best bit about pre-loved items is their unique history. Weddings are all about celebrating new beginnings and making memories, so why not spread the love further and choose a dress with its own story - one that you can also add your own chapter to?

2. Get inspired
Before deciding on a theme for the rest of your wedding, get inspired by the range of styles and shapes on offer and instead match your wedding to your dress - anything from an elegant 20s soiree to retro 50s ballroom theme or 70s festival. You could also incorporate elements of your dress into the decoration, like the fabric or colour scheme. 

3. Make a conscious choice
A wedding dress has to be the ultimate unsustainable purchase - something you only wear once, that will probably spend the rest of its life languishing at the back of your wardrobe until your kids end up wearing it to a fancy dress party. Instead of adding to the estimated £30 million worth of clothes we buy every year and never wear (with 350,000 tonnes going to landfill), choose vintage and show the environment some love, too.

4. Keep costs down
With the average wedding dress in the UK costing upwards of £1300, choosing vintage means you're not only helping the planet, but also your wallet - instead of counting your remaining pennies, spend the money on fun things like good music, food, wine and…more wine.

5. Make your day unique
Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have made it so much easier to search for and collect wedding inspiration, but sometimes the flood of identikit mason jars and pastel-coloured bunting can get a bit much. For a truly original look, why not pick a dress that's as unique as you are?

Take a look at these beautiful styles and more in the Oxfam online bridal shop, or in one of 11 specialist bridal departments across the UK.

This post originally appeared here on Oxfam's Fashion Blog, where you can find lots more tips and tricks for vintage clothes shopping.

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