Thursday, 12 May 2016

New Oxfam Post: Throw Your Own Summer Swap Party, Inspired by Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution's swap party at the 25h Bikini Hotel Berlin

Summer is almost here, and it’s the time of year when you're bombarded from every angle with the latest seasonal ‘must haves’. But here’s the trick – unless the weather plays along, you’ll probably only be able to wear your new purchases for a few weeks before the weather starts to turn again and the first drops of the Autumn/Winter collections start trickling into stores – meaning an even fuller wardrobe and no money for those big winter investment pieces! So what’s the solution? Why not throw your own summer swap party, inspired by Fashion Revolution? Hop over to Oxfam UK's Fashion Blog for more info, or read on for the full post. 

Shopping second hand is one of the best and most sustainable ways to refresh your wardrobe on a budget, but an even better option is to throw your own summer swap party. Have a sort out of everything you no longer need or wear and invite your friends round for some Pimms and strawberries to really get in the summer mood, before swapping your unwanted items for those key pieces you always secretly had your eye on.

Swap parties are becoming more and more popular as people look for innovative ways to stay on trend without filling their wardrobes to bursting. In 2012 in collaboration with Oxfam, M&S started their own ‘schwopping’ initiative, and on the 24th April there were swap parties held all over the world for Fashion Revolution, an annual event that asks brands #whomademyclothes to commemorate the Rana Plaza disaster, in which 1,134 garment workers died in an unsafe factory in Bangladesh in 2013.

Second-hand/swapped Nike tee and Mango jeans in great condition

For this year’s Fashion Revolution, I attended a swap party in Berlin in the amazing 25 Hours Bikini Hotel, which overlooks the monkey enclosure in the city’s zoo and is decorated to match, with a focus on natural materials and eco-friendly products. I brought with me a couple of dresses and tops that I no longer wear, and instead picked up a great pair of Mango jeans and a Nike t-shirt that will be perfect for long summer evenings chilling in one of the many parks around Berlin – I can’t wait. 

Have fun swapping and socialising, ready for summer!

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