Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Slow Fashion and Sustainability News: December Edition

Merry Christmas! What a fantastic year it's been, with amazing progress being made towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry by brands, designers and customers all over the world.

The big news of course is the success of the COP 21 Paris climate conference, where leaders from over 190 countries managed to strike a historic deal limiting global warming to 1.5C - read Business of Fashion's view on what this means for the global fashion industry here, as well as Founder and CEO Imran Amed's thoughts on fashion's duty to tackle climate change.

via the UN
During the talks, Forbes contributor James Conca also looked at the progress that certain brands have achieved on "making climate change fashionable", and singled out industry leader Zady for their innovative approach to 'conscious consumption', including online resources for customers to learn about the environmental impact of their clothing choices. 

If you missed any of the highlights, lowlights, achievements, setbacks and discussions in the ethical fashion world over the past few months, you can find previous editions of Slow Fashion and Sustainability News from June, July, August, September and October/November here. I also recommend EcoWatch's "10 Incredible Moments in 2015", which is a great summary of wider climate progress throughout the year. 

Of course, Christmas is now over, but if you've finally had your fill of pointless gifting and wondering how to make the festive season a bit less excessively consumerist next year, read the Guardian's guide to a green Christmas without being a Grinch. Until then, help support these stylish ethical brands and grab a bargain from the January sales:

Reformation - up to 70% off
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via Eco Warrior Princess
From a personal perspective, 2015 was an amazing year. I founded THE GREEN SCENE, reached 9K page views on the blog and 16K on Google Plus, featured on Eco Warrior Princess along with a host of other established bloggers and started reaching out to the ethical fashion community. In the new year, I will also be joining Oxfam's Fashion Blog as a regular contributor and am looking forward to exploring all of the second hand shops and hidden gems from my new base in Berlin.

Here's to health, happiness and success in 2016!

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