Saturday, 29 August 2015

Slow fashion and sustainability news: August edition

It's that time of month again, and my last post before I jet off for a much needed two weeks of sun, sea and sand! This month has been great for tips about ethical shopping, comment on changing consumer behaviour, and updates on both progress and potentially risky developments in the fashion industry. If you were in Scotland or the Netherlands, you might also have been to Zero Waste Scotland's "Future of Fashion – Love, Lease, Lend" talk on closed-loop production, visited Edinburgh's new sustainable textile workspace, or attended the first Symposium on Sustainable Fashion in Amsterdam.

The month started with H&M announcing their National Fashion Recycling Week in collaboration with the London College of Fashion, shortly before the Business of Fashion published an article on how teenagers' shopping habits are starting to mirror their parents', as they become thriftier and attempt to make garments last much longer than a season.

It's sometimes hard to know where to start when shopping ethically, and this month a whole range of bloggers and websites shared their tips, including How Green is Your Brand? from EcoWatch, a great post from EcoCult on some of the best and most affordable places to buy eco-friendly fashion, and 6 steps to a sustainable wardrobe by Eco Warrior Princess.

In industry news, Stella McCartney was quick to cut ties with its wool supplier when it was revealed that the farm, which also supplies fellow sustainability leader Patagonia, had been treating its animals inhumanely. H&M revealed its plans to double its business in Bangladesh, despite 50% of the issues in the industry since the disaster of Rana Plaza having not yet been fixed, and Tim Gunn gave his thoughts on transparency in the supply chain to the Huffington Post during the Art of Design convention in New Orleans.

It also won't be long until the winners of Selfridges' Bright New Things 2015 are announced, but if you missed out on that, there's still time to apply for H&M Conscious Foundation's Global Change Award, which closes in October.

That's all for now - see you in two weeks!

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