Saturday, 15 August 2015

Free Sustainability Course - Starting Soon!

There's still time to sign up for the University of Bath's FREE course Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals, which starts in a couple of days on the 17th August and lasts for six weeks. Although it's aimed at professionals, the great thing is that there are no special requirements and you do all your learning at home - wherever in the world you're based - for only three hours each week.

The course is run in partnership with Future Learn, a UK-based further education platforms which offers a "diverse selection of courses from 60 leading universities, cultural institutions and businesses around the world", and covers everything from the basic definition and history of sustainability through to codes of conduct, stakeholder engagement, governance, and the importance of continuing innovation.

Whether you're a blogger, retailers, designer, or someone just interesting in making a difference, there's something for you - in fact, the key objective of the course is to find out "how you can use your personal interests to be influential in making sustainable development happen".

Sign up here and keep up on Twitter by following @FLsusdevBath, or check out the Future Learn website for more courses that might be of interest.

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