Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The future of fashion: as seen in Grazia

In my last post I wrote about recent developments in the fashion industry which seemed to show a growing awareness of ethical issues and the need for a solution to the current fast fashion model. In my round up I tended to only feature articles from leading newspapers, respected blogs and other accredited sources, but I thought it was also worth mentioning a feature in Grazia magazine I read a few weeks ago entitled "Your Fashion Future Looks Like This".

The article was based around an interview with Hannah Robinson of trend-forecasting agency The Future Lab, whose (amazing) job it is to scour the globe for the next biggest trends by analysing developments across the fashion and lifestyle industries and attending global design shows from as far and wide as Stockholm and Istanbul. Of course, the introduction of the Apple Watch is a clear sign that wearable technology is the next big trend on the horizon, and the majority of the article was centred around this topic, but what I found most interesting was that three out of Hannah's eight future trend tips were connected in some way with the ethical fashion movement - read on for more.

"A mindful solution to fast fashion is needed" - Hannah Robinson, The Future Lab

'"You'll be able to trace a product's journey from factory floor to retail space - and, most importantly, the people involved along the way", says Hannah. The app Sourcemap helps retailers track wares, while only sells goods that relay their fashion history.'

'"A mindful solution to fast fashion is needed. Expect brands to reduce waste via renting and reuse," says Hannah. Lease your denim (when you're done, MUD Jeans breaks down the fabric and reuses it), and designer rental sites are getting bigger by the day as fashion sharing becomes the norm.'*

'Artisanal skills are redefining the luxury market. "This not only results in unique fashion but also empowers global craftspeople," says Hannah. From hand-tooled leather bags that can't be bought off the shelf to sustainable Chilean dresses we want for our hols.'

Of course, the only difficulty with an article like this is classing ethical fashion as a 'trend', when the whole point of thinking about sustainable methods of producing and consuming is to close the loop and create a system that will last forever! That said, the article is definitely a step in the right direction and probably the first that I've seen in a mainstream fashion magazine, which hopefully signals that the tide is beginning to turn.

Have you seen any other mainstream fashion magazines starting to talk about the impact of the fast fashion system? What do you think is the best way to encourage discussions of 'mindful fashion' in popular media?

*PS - Check out the "Future of Fashion - Love, Lease, Lend" event in Edinburgh on Thursday 23rd
July 2015, where Bert van Son of MUD Jeans will be part of a panel discussion in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland.

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