Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Slow Fashion and Sustainability News: July Edition

This is the second instalment of my monthly series on ethical news and developments in the fashion industry, and it's a big one! Not only was July the month of the Observer Ethical Awards and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, but there was also lots of discussion from influential writers around slow fashion (see my post on the topic here), as well as the challenges and successes of legislating for a transparent supply chain. If you missed last month's, you can find my recap on June's slow fashion and sustainability news here.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Quick DIY: Altering an A-line skirt

Vintage Marks and Spencer skirt via Ebay
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a few of the second hand items I'd bought from Ebay over the last month, including a beautiful vintage A-line skirt from Marks and Spencer (back when they still produced in the UK, and vanity sizing wasn't yet a thing - this would now probably be more like a 12-14!). I knew when I bought it that it would probably need taking in slightly, but because it's such a simple shape it's incredibly easy to do, even if you have minimal sewing experience or have never sewn before. Read on for a great example of how a few basic sewing tricks help you easily tailor your clothes, and stop you being put off buying second hand items that aren't a perfect fit in the future.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Topshop Reclaim's New Sustainable Fashion Range

It was only a few weeks ago that I wrote about the idea of 'mindful fashion' starting to trickle down into the mainstream fashion press (see my post on Grazia's article here), and then Leandra Medina of the extremely influential Man Repeller weighed in on the debate with "In Defense of Slow Fashion" - a very thought-provoking article in which she implored her readers to "buy less, wear more", and lamented the fact that "fast fashion is starting to feel a lot like fresh produce", even though "clothes don't rot. Our closets are not refrigerators". Now, Topshop has released its take on the trend for a more considered approach to fashion in the form of its recently launched new line, Topshop Reclaim, which claims to do "sustainable fashion with conscience" though ethical fabrics and production cut-offs.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Review: The Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin

Last Friday, along with a whole host of designers, buyers, bloggers and other fashion professionals, I attended the final day of the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. With "a clear focus on design and sustainability", the Ethical Fashion Show is a fantastic platform for over 150 eco-conscious brands to present their ranges to the international buying community, and also acts as a space for open discussion on some of the hot topics in the fashion industry right now. As well as getting to know lots of exciting new brands, I also managed to catch the final few talks, which included a debate about 'vegan' fashion, as well as presentations by WellMade on improving working conditions (part of the FairWear Foundation) and Fairtrade's new Fairtrade Cotton Standard initiative.  Read on for my analysis of the day's discussions, as well as my top picks of emerging ethical fashion brands.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Second Hand Style #1: My Summer Wardrobe

I've only just got back from attending the final day of the Ethical Fashion Show, but before I review the day's talks and introduce you to some amazing up-and-coming eco fashion brands, I thought I would do a quick update of some secondhand pieces I've recently added to my summer wardrobe, courtesy of many hours spent trawling through Ebay! In the spirit of shopping ethically, I tried to identify the key pieces missing in my wardrobe and only buy classic, quality items that I will keep for many years to come, rather than disposing of when next summer's trends start to emerge.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Travelling to the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin!

I'm so excited to be catching a plane tomorrow evening to Berlin to attend the final day of the Ethical Fashion Show, running alongside Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! There's been so much happening already - check out the show's Facebook page for updates, photos and sneak previews of some of the brands who are exhibiting.


Monday, 6 July 2015

Stop the water while using me! All-natural beauty products that help save water wastage

When I was staying in Berlin a couple of weeks ago at the Bikini Hotel I came across an amazing skincare range I'd not heard of before - Stop The Water While Using Me! Not only does the brand aim to reduce water wastage by encouraging their customers to be aware of how much water they use, they also support initiatives in regions that suffer from drought, such as installing fog collectors in Tanzania though their 'Good Water Projects' scheme. However, what I initially loved about the brand wasn't the company's ethical stance, it was the the feel and quality of their products, which are made from completely natural sources and don't contain any synthetic colourings or aromas, silicon, paraffin or other petroleum-based materials. All the ingredients are also completely biodegradable, and the packing is recyclable and refillable. What's not to love?


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The future of fashion: as seen in Grazia

In my last post I wrote about recent developments in the fashion industry which seemed to show a growing awareness of ethical issues and the need for a solution to the current fast fashion model. In my round up I tended to only feature articles from leading newspapers, respected blogs and other accredited sources, but I thought it was also worth mentioning a feature in Grazia magazine I read a few weeks ago entitled "Your Fashion Future Looks Like This".

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