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Slow fashion and sustainability news: June edition

There is currently so much being written about sustainability and the slow living movement that it can be hard to maintain an overview of all the articles, posts and tweets on the subject, especially if you are interested in keeping up with industry developments as well as everything going on in the bloggersphere. As I had originally intended this blog to be a commentary on the business side of the fashion industry as well as a space for personal thoughts on style and living a more meaningful life, I thought it would be useful to create a monthly round-up of everything related to green living, ethical fashion and sustainability, so that you don't miss anything and can stay as up to date and informed as possible. Key topics discussed this month include viewing sustainability as an essential business strategy, and the issues surrounding garment labelling.

Business of Fashion:
"Making 'Made in India' Matter"
Bandana Tewari writes about the opportunity emerging to promote 'Made in India' as a stamp of quality, artistry and heritage within the fashion industry.

"Blockchain Can Bring Transparency to Supply Chains"
Dr. Jutta Steiner explains the benefits of Blockchain, the open source, decentralised database which allows consumers to check the authenticity and ethical standards of their products.

"Fair Trade Goes Beyond ‘Made in’"
People Tree's Safia Minnet argues that the Fair Trade label is far more powerful than 'Made In', because it introduces the consumer to the actual producer of a garment.

"Knyttan Aims to Disrupt $200 Billion Knitwear Market"
The vertically integrated, London-based start up aims to reinvent the knitwear industry with $3.1 million in seed funding and a ‘curated customisation’ platform.

The group, which owns Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenziaga amongst others, sees sustainability as an essential business strategy rather than a greenwashing tactic.

"How Amber Valletta Is Setting a New Standard of Ethics in Fashion"
The avid environmentalist and Master & Muse owner on trackable, measurable standards for clothing production.

Forbes India:
"Three ways luxury fashion can be sustainable"
Forbes argues that fashion moves fast, but sustainability is in. The luxury fashion industry is well placed to meet the trend but it must challenge its tightly-held arrangement with customers.

From the bloggersphere:
Eco Warrior Princess on the difficulties of using eco, ethical and sustainable fashion labels.
EcoCult's review of the second annual Fashion Tech Forum, and how the fashion industry is starting to wake up to sustainability,
Ecouterre's interview with the director of Traceable, a documentary which explores the growing disconnect in how our clothes are made.

Are there any other articles you've read this month that should make it on the list?

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