Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hand-stamped silver date necklace

My personalised handstamped date necklace, pictured on artwork by my sister
I'd always wanted a handstamped necklace, ever since I came across this post by A Beautiful Mess, which had probably been saved in my bookmarks for years until I finally got around to ordering my own version a few weeks ago! I loved the original as it seemed like such a personal and unique way of remembering a date, name or initial, but I wanted something a little smaller and silver which would match my wardrobe, and also tie in with the current minimalist jewellery trend. Of course, an added ethical bonus is that I know exactly who made my necklace, which to me makes it even more special!

To be fair, the delay wasn't all down to my own laziness - I did have a look around for UK jewellery sellers offering personalisation, but it seemed like the US was far quicker off the mark in terms of the handstamped trend and for years I struggled to find anything UK-based that really fitted the bill - almost everything was mass produced or machine engraved. However, over the last few months Etsy has come to my rescue twice - initially for a ring for my boyfriend, celebrating our five year anniversary (the date is stamped inside), and then for my matching necklace. The stamping on mine isn't quite as straight as I would have liked, but I think this kind of adds to its unique charm, and I usually wear it with the plain side facing outwards anyway so it doesn't really matter.

What do you think of handstamped jewellery? The perfect gift, or something you'd rather choose for yourself?

The necklace worn reversed - the simple silver disc goes with every outfit, and this way the date stays personal to me
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