Friday, 8 May 2015

Shopping ethically - an easy how-to guide

Over the past few weeks I've been discovering more and more fellow eco fashion writers (list to come!). One that really stood out was Sasstainable by Angela Wallace, who started her blog a few years ago after completing an MSc in Environmental Management at the University of London. Rather than just a stream of outfit posts, her blog combines great photography with professional, informed opinions and pieces about emerging eco design talent. One Pinterest post that caught my eye was a simple but effective graphic about how to shop ethically, buying only the things we truly need and buying second hand or sustainably to impact the environment in the smallest way possible.

I definitely still have a long way to go before I change the personal shopping habits that have built up over the last decade, but I've cut down on the number of impulse purchases and now tend to only buy things I know I will use for years to come. Perhaps part of that is about becoming more familiar with my personal style as I get older and recognising what suits me, but since falling down the rabbit hole of the social and ethical issues facing the fashion industry, I'm now also much more aware of the role I play as a consumer.

How achievable do you think it is to shop truly ethically? Are there certain habits you just can't break?

Image taken from Sasstainable's Pinterest page


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