Saturday, 9 May 2015

Booking my trip to the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin

I'm really excited about travelling to the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin this July (poster above is from the launch), which is a brilliant showcase for ethical fashion brands alongside the main Berlin Fashion Week 2015. Berlin has carved out a reputation as a hub for sustainable style, and this year over 130 brands are exhibiting, including People Tree, Helly Hansen and Komodo as well as a host of emerging new designers. I'm hoping to meet a lot of interesting people and hear about their opinions on the future of ethical fashion, as well as learning about developments in the industry and the ways in which larger companies as well as smaller, independent brands are making a difference.

I loved the year I spent in Berlin during my third year at university, and am lucky that I still have a lot of friends there, as well as my boyfriend's family, who I'll probably stay with. As the exhibition runs from Wednesday 8th July to Friday 10th I still need to work out logistics with flights and taking time off work, but I definitely want to go for one day at the very least!

Photos courtesy of Ethical Fashion Week Berlin's partner website Messe Frankfurt 


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